Japan fascinates you? You could not find better!

We love Japan, and our mission is to teach effectively and passionately, providing students with as many opportunities for contact with her language? and culture. Crossing the threshold we feel that the country Samurai and Hello Kitty is on your doorstep – and has much more to offer!


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How to register for a course?

Register via the Internet

Thanks to book a place in the group until the signing of the contract.

Sign the agreement at school

After paying the fee you are guaranteed a place in the group.

Cultivate your passion

... using a lot of contact with the language and culture of Japan.

Movie from Sayonara Party

June 20 event was held ending the school year 2014/2015. At the same time we said goodbye Japanese exchange students who return to the country and Patrick? And Patricia (convergence of random names;), who traveled to Japan to study. He was playing the shamisen concert, yakisoba, kakigoori, smashing a watermelon, a competition for the fastest yukata dressing, puns and karaoke.

Thank you for this year and see you in October!

Students opinion

  • Thank you for the countless number of interesting events in our school, as well as those organized by it. For conducting classes interesting, by the way well-prepared and wonderful atmosphere created by the teachers.

    Jakub, 26

  • Thank you for all what I experienced on your class. It was amazing.

    Maciek, 24