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We live and breathe Japan…

One day, we started dreaming about a Japanese language school in which it will not only be possible to study Japanese at a solid level, but also broaden the knowledge on various cultural aspects, at the same time meeting new enthusiast at the workshops or Japanese theme parties. We did not find such a school, so we had to set one up!

We value direct contact…

We are aware of the fact that we function in a world where the Internet and Facebook reign, and all information is provided to us within fractions of a second. However, we try to remember that these are only tools that will never replace real social contacts. Therefore, the aspect of our school that the students value most is its atmosphere created by people who meet several times a month and do something together for the passion they share.

We are the change we want to make…

We have a vision and ideals that we bring into life. We follow the words of George Bernarda Shaw: You see things; you say, “Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’”

Our mission:

“Teach effectively and with passion, providing out students with as many opportunities as possible to have contact with the Japanese language and culture.”

Our advantages

opportunity do study language in Japan

e-learning platform

conversations with native speakers

lecturers with acknowledged qualifications

cultural workshops


lecturers’ duties

Our story


As in a Hitchcock’ movie – it all started with a volcanic eruption, and later the tension was only rising. Despite the fact that the school existed only in theory, we managed to organise ‘Japan in ZOO’, the Japanese Children’s Day in the Warsaw Zoological Garden, attended by several thousand people. Until now, we are eternally grateful for the support of the people who helped us then.


First students enter the school. At the beginning, there were only 15 students but, thankfully, the new of our school was spread and the number of students increased rapidly.


Interested in exchange of experiences, we are joined the Polish Association of Japanese Language Teachers. At that time, we didn’t even dream that our lecturer would become the Secretary General of this Association 2 years later!


The Embassy of Japan invites us to cooperation during Matsuri – a Japanese Culture Picnic. That cooperation, consisting in dressing the guests up in yukatas (summer kimonos), lasts to this day, and the number of volunteers helping at the stand grew from 2 to 25 people. The stand became one of the most popular stands at the event.


We organise the first Polish Nationwide Calligraphy Competition the finals of which took place during Matsuri. One year later, the competition turns into a European formula.


We introduce the e-learning platform. From now on, everyone has access to the material discussed during classes – there are no excuses if someone forgets about homework;)


Fully-fledged rebranding – we change our logo, website, and even our seat. We are only one step away from our dream to become the best school of the Japanese language in the world!


The Japan Foundation appreciates our work for the third time and provides us with a grant for the school library.


Our student, Dominik Grzelecki, delivers a speech at the International Oratory Competition of the Japanese Language for High School Students. We are so proud!